Media arts can enhance, reinterpret, and explore new modes of artistic expression. This course provides students with a positive atmosphere in which to explore
their creativity, develop their artistic and technical skills, as well as their theoretical knowledge through various technologies and software programs.
This course focuses on the technical and artistic aspects of Media Art. While the emphasis for this course is on solving artistic problems through the application of current technologies, we will also spend some time looking at and discussing new media. We are constantly confronted with different images, texts, and
technologies, and we can learn to discern how they were made, the kinds of audiences they are intended for, and the messages and meanings they carry. We
will also talk about intellectual ownership and use of copyright materials in the creation of media art. 

In Grade 12 Yearbook, you work on producing a high quality book for the school. You will learn: photography, graphic design, journalism and sales skills. Cover sports games, dances, clubs, special events like the grad survey and so much more. This is a course like no other, where fun and hard work go hand in hand.